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When Ford stated that there will be a ‘new’ Mustang for the first time in 55 years people were skeptical. A 4 door electric SUV is not the Mustang that most people have in mind. Today (November 17th) at 9 p.m EST, the new Ford Mustang Mach E was revealed, and it is actually a serious contender in the performance SUV category.


The Ford Mustang Mach E is currently available in four trims, the first edition, premium, California Route 1, and the cherry of the cake, the GT. All the Mach E are powered by lithium-ion batteries that boast a 300-mile range in the extended range version. The standard battery has 288 lithium-ion cells and an output of 75.7kWh, while the extended range version has 376 lithium-ion cells and an output of 98.8kWh. When considering the fact that the Tesla Model X has a range between 250 miles to 350 miles depending on the trim, it is not a bad range for Ford.


However, it is not the numbers that define a Mustang. The new Ford Mach E represents the crucial Mustang spirit, Fast, Fun, and Free. The GT version produces a whopping 459hp and 830Nm of torque. Thanks to the enormous horsepower and torque, the Mach E GT is capable of reaching a 0-60 time somewhere in the mid-3-second range, but Ford was not bold enough to post the exact times. Furthermore, a Mach E 4 all-wheel-drive system will be available that will enable torque to be applied independently to the front and rear axle to deliver improved handling and performance over the RWD model.


The Mach E was also designed for anyone to recognize it is a member of the Mustang Family. The sharp rooflines, sleek silhouette, and the muscular bodywork shout out “I’m a proper Mustang!”. Also, the iconic triple rear lights were incorporated into the design, which is one of the most famous Mustang design features. The interior is refined and sleek with a huge infotainment screen that provides useful information in link with the new SYNC technology.


The new Mach E comes with the next generation SYNC technology that will make driving much more convenient and comfortable. The system learns the user’s habits and preferences to offer services that match individual tastes. It not only does the essential functions, but also search charging stations, and plans travel routes. Furthermore, the program is continuously updatable, meaning you do not have to buy a new vehicle to have a better infotainment system.


If charging is the only issue that will prevent you from buying one, Ford already has things planned for you. All Mach E comes with a Ford Connected Charging Station, that can charge 32 miles per hour on a 240V outlet. Also, if you have to charge somewhere else from your home, Ford Mach E comes with access to the FordPass Charging Network that has more than 12,500 charging stations in the US and 35,000 charge plugs.


The biggest surprise Ford brought today was definitely the Mach E GT model. Unlike the traditional Mustang GT, it does not come with a 5.0L V8 but comes with increased performance compared to the base models thanks to the work of Ford Performance. They not only have a higher power output(459hp) but also comes with improved Brembo Aluminum brakes, MagneRide damping system, and adaptive suspension technology for improved handling and cornering abilities. Furthermore, an even more aggressive exterior style with black grilles and ‘fake’ air intakes flex that it’s a proper performance model.

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