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Refinancing And Equity Release

There are many reasons that a refinancing deal on a car makes sense. It could be a deal to release equity from a classic car bought as an investment through to refinancing a deal that has a balloon payment due. Whatever the reason to refinance, our team can arrange bespoke terms to fit your exact requirements and provide our unique concierge approach to finding the perfect agreement for our clients.

Equity Release

Release the capital that is tied up in you Prestige, High Performance or Classic Vehicle

Equity release is becoming a very popular way for owners to unlock the capital tied up in their vehicles. Equity release is available on all types of vehicles including Prestige, Performance and Classics. The funds are secured against the vehicle rather than on other assets such as property. The process is straightforward and no car dealers are involved. After completing the relevant paperwork funds are released directly into you bank account.

Unlike many short-term equity release solutions Norwood Finance equity release schemes offer excellent rates over a period of up to five years. Most short term “log book loans” require the customer to hand over their vehicle to the lender as security and incur high rates of interest. This is not a short term bridging solution which is why the terms are so much more attractive. You remain the keeper of the vehicle and continue to drive and enjoy it!

Norwood Finance has helped customers wanting to raise capital to pay for investment properties, looking to extend their collection of investment-grade cars or who just need liquid assets for personal reasons. We will take care of all the paperwork, cutting through the complexity and most clients get the go-ahead on their finance within a few days.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how much money you could access through equity release please contact our dedicated team of experts on 01423 638 300. Alternatively email [email protected] or chat to us online.

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Bespoke options to suit you and your vehicle. They include Hire Purchase, PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), Lease Purchase, Balanced Payments, Equity Release, Refinancing and Motor Loans.



We are passionate about giving our customers the very best finance service. Every client has their own dedicated account manager who will manage the process from start to finish.



We use a wide range of lender partners to unlock the funds for your next luxury vehicle. We specialise in balances from £10,000 to £10 million plus. We have the reach and expertise to find the best supercar finance deals for our clients.



Market leading terms, fast results and the ability to achieve low monthly payments. 

Flexible Funding Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to suit your purchasing needs. Whether you are looking for a straight forward loan or bespoke finance to accommodate a final balloon payment, you can compare some of our solutions below:

If you want a finance product with more flexibility, a Personal Contract Plan (PCP) may be just what you are looking for, enabling you to keep, exchange or return the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

One of the most economical ways of owning your next vehicle. Hire Purchase (HP) allows you to pay off the whole capital balance over a set period of time.

If you want lower monthly payments then Lease Purchase (LP) is certainly worth considering. Similar to HP but with a non- guaranteed balloon deferred till the end of the term.

There are many reasons that a refinancing deal on a car makes sense. It could be a deal to release equity from a classic car bought as an investment through to refinancing a deal that has a balloon payment due. 



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