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Classic Car Finance

Our classic car finance packages are tailored to meet the expectations and
exact requirements of car enthusiasts


Classic Car Finance

Our classic car finance packages are tailored to meet the expectations and exact requirements of car enthusiasts

Classic Car Finance

“Our bespoke funding options make it easy to acquire your next Classic Car”

Looking for the right kind of finance to invest in a classic car, then look no further. We can create bespoke finance packages which allow your dreams of a vintage car to come true. Norwood Finance will work with you to enable you to grab a true piece of history in the form of an automobile heirloom. Whether you want to ride it down leafy country roads or show it off at the many classic car shows around the UK, we have the resources to make this happen.

Norwood Finance has specialists that understand what you are looking for and can tailor your finance package directly to your needs. We offer flexible finance options that allow you to find the finance deal that is right for you. If you are looking to refinance a classic that you currently own, in order to reduce your monthly payments, or free up funds then we can also find a better deal for you. We understand that owning a classic car is more than just driving it, it is about the maintenance of the traditional mechanics of the vehicle and the knowledge gained through learning about a period of history that is vanishing from memory.

We also understand that some classic cars may not be in fully working condition and might need to be restored – a project that you may be excited to embark on. Norwood Finance understands your passion and can provide restoration finance to make your refurbishment dreams a reality.

Our experts specialise in funding classic cars with our company offering the following benefits:

Flexible Deposits: You can discuss with our experts what you can realistically afford to put down as a deposit and they will advise you on the best way to use your cash0.

Different Finance Options: Our staff are experts in the many different types of finance that companies can offer for your cherished heirlooms. We can talk you through them and explain the advantages of each type. We Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase on Classic Cars as well as refinancing and equity release.

Packages From Many Lenders: We use our expertise to offer you finance packages from a large variety of lenders, meaning that you have more choice and more control over the details of your package.

Zero Mileage Restrictions: Many of our finance packages have no mileage restrictions meaning that you will have no unexpected payments for driving too far, meaning that you can make the most of your vintage and classic vehicle.

Fast Decisions: We work for you and want to make the process as simple as possible for you. We can organise your funds quickly to allow you to get the car of your dreams in no time. If you are planning to buy your car at auction, we can pre-approve funds that will be ready immediately if you place the winning bid.

We offer competitive rates with manageable monthly payments that place us at the top of the podium. Our experts listen to your needs and customize the best package for you – it couldn’t be easier. Contact us to find a package that is specially tailored to your needs, making owning your dream classic car affordable today.


Bespoke options to suit you and your vehicle. They include Hire Purchase, PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), Lease Purchase, Balanced Payments, Equity Release, Refinancing and Motor Loans.


We are passionate about giving our customers the very best finance service. Every client has their own dedicated account manager who will manage the process from start to finish.


We use a wide range of lender partners to unlock the funds for your next luxury vehicle. We specialise in balances from £25,000 to £10 million plus. We have the reach and expertise to find the best supercar finance deals for our clients.


Market leading terms, fast results and the ability to achieve low monthly payments.

Flexible Funding Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to suit your purchasing needs. Whether you are looking for a straight forward loan or bespoke finance to accommodate a final balloon payment, you can compare some of our solutions below:

Lease Purchase (LP)

If you want lower monthly payments then Lease Purchase (LP) is certainly worth considering. Similar to HP but with a non- guaranteed balloon deferred till the end of the term.

Refinancing / Equity Release

There are many reasons that a refinancing deal on a car makes sense. It could be a deal to release equity from a classic car bought as an investment through to refinancing a deal that has a balloon payment due.


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