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Day: October 23, 2020

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Equity Release

Equity release is becoming a very popular way for owners to unlock the capital tied up in their vehicles. Equity release is available on all types of vehicles including Prestige, Performance and Classics. The funds are secured against the vehicle rather than on other assets such as property. The process is straightforward and no car …

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Mclaren confirm plug-in hybrid 0-60 in 2.3 seconds

While we were anticipating an official announcement in Spring 2020, McLaren Automotive’s CEO Mike Flewitt got the jump on everybody by confirming their next-generation hybrid supercar is due in 2021. McLaren is hoping that an all-wheel drivetrain with an electrically driven front axle is enough to hit a 0-60 mph time of 2.3 seconds. Flewitt …

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